Helps For Teaching Baptism And The Plan Of Salvation

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Ways To Help Children Understand God And Salvation

Children And Their Teacher

Are the truths of God too difficult for a child to comprehend?
Certainly not! We begin the process by letting the child know that God is so great and awesome that nobody can understand Him completely. Then, as they hear truths about God they won’t feel so uncertain when something they hear… [Continue Reading]

7 Points To Teach About The Plan Of Salvation

 Attributes of God (eternal, self-existent, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, holy, loving, fair, Spirit, righteous).
 God is so awesome and great that we can never understand everything about Him because we are not God.
 What is the Trinity? God has three different parts (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).
 Who is… [Continue Reading]

Helping A Child Grow After Baptism


Once a child is baptized it is important that we continue to nurture them and help them continue to mature in their faith.
The number one way we do that is by setting the example. Children need to witness their superiors modeling a Spirit-filled life. Do children see God living and active in us?… [Continue Reading]

Are You Qualified To Teach Children About Baptism?

Are You Qualified To Teach Children?

The only qualification for teaching the process of baptism to someone is to be a baptized believer yourself. The additional necessity for teaching children about the Plan of Salvation is to use illustrations, object lessons, visuals and scenarios that a child can comprehend. When trying to child-proof a home, experts tell parents to get down… [Continue Reading]

Teach Children About God With Help From A Box of Crayons

Teach About God With The Help Of Crayons

When we start pre-school we get a nice box of eight crayons. We are so proud of all our colors and we love to create pretty pictures with them. The teacher gives us a handout with bold, black lines and we try to stay inside the lines and add color to our page. Then we… [Continue Reading]

10 Keys For Teaching Children

Children are great at reading people.  If you are not happy about teaching then they will pick up on that and are less likely to be attentive.  If you are bubbly, energetic and appear to really enjoy teaching and really believe in the content of your lesson then children will feed off that.
2)… [Continue Reading]

Questions To Ask A Child Before Baptism

talking to your children about baptism

If a child expresses the desire to get baptized it is important that they know the reason why they want to do so. If the answer is “I don’t know”, “because all my friends are”, “because I want to take communion” or “because my teacher… [Continue Reading]

Ways To Teach Pre-schoolers Other Than Just Coloring

Teaching pre-schoolers can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Because a pre-schooler’s attention span is so short we have to find ways to hold their attention. Lecturing a little one or keeping them seated at a table for an extended amount of time is a recipe for inattention and misbehavior.
When dealing with this… [Continue Reading]

God’s Great Plan of Salvation


You’ll be amazed at how “God’s Great Plan” captures students’ attention and teaches them everything they need to know about baptism in just 8 sessions.

  • Students are excited to learn the material
  • Parents are amazed at the amount of info
  • Teachers appreciate the easy-to-follow curriculum notebook

[Continue Reading] to find out more about this course and how it can impact your students.