Helping A Child Grow After Baptism

Once a child is baptized it is important that we continue to nurture them and help them continue to mature in their faith.
The number one way we do that is by setting the example. Children need to witness their superiors modeling a Spirit-filled life. Do children see God living and active in us? What they learn from our lifestyle will be much more effective than what we tell them.
After a child is baptized there are some key things we can teach them about how to build this relationship with Jesus.


– Prayer is our greatest weapon and most valuable tool as Christians. Encourage children to pray. Pray with them and for them. Make sure they understand that prayer is simply talking to God. We don’t have to use big words or fancy speech. God just wants to hear from us and He is interested in every aspect of our lives. Ephesians 6:18


– Inform children of the importance of studying the Bible. The Bible is another great tool for the Christian; it is our book of directions. Even if we don’t completely understand what we are reading, there is power in reading the Word. Our normal routine is probably to read in private. Be sure children occasionally witness you reading the Bible.


– We are all so busy with our lives but it is good to take time out to focus on God. It is beneficial to us and it is pleasing to God. For children, just a few designated minutes a day is realistic at first. Just making God a priority each day is great discipline. Even Jesus saw the importance of retreating to pray and He definitely had a busy agenda. John 6


– Having a journal to write down thoughts and prayers will help children stay focused during quiet time. They can list any prayer concerns, problems or questions they may have. A journal is great for children who express themselves better by writing rather than praying silently. Keeping up with how God answers prayers is also a great way for children to strengthen their faith and see God actively working in their lives.


– It is good to worship publically with other believers. It is helpful for children to be with their peers and hear the triumphs and trials that others experience. Attending church services each week gives us the encouragement and courage to make it through the week.


– Children should learn that God asks us to share our possessions with those in need. He does not say how much we should give but that we do it cheerfully.


– God gives all of us special talents, abilities and opportunities and He expects us to use them for His glory. Children need to understand that they have something to offer the Kingdom of God.


– After baptism, be sure children know they are not expected to be sinless. They can pray asking God to help them be faithful but when they mess up they need to have a Godly sorrow and then ask for forgiveness. We just don’t want children to be burdened with the idea that they should be perfect once they are baptized.


– Galatians 5:22 reveals a list of how a person with God’s Spirit should act. It does not mean we get to pick and choose from the list. It means that we will live our life in such a way that we express love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. After all, the word Christian means “like Christ” and that is what we are striving to be.

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