Teach Children About God With Help From A Box of Crayons

Teach About God With The Help Of CrayonsWhen we start pre-school we get a nice box of eight crayons. We are so proud of all our colors and we love to create pretty pictures with them. The teacher gives us a handout with bold, black lines and we try to stay inside the lines and add color to our page. Then we get a little older and we are introduced to a larger box of crayons and handouts with more potential for detail. We are glad to have more color choices and are learning to add shades and depth to our art.

Later still we get the mega box of 64 crayons with our very own sharpener. We now know that, in fact, there are several different shades of every color. We also graduate from the paper with lines to a blank canvas to use our own creative abilities to produce our masterpiece. Even though eight crayons and bold lines were easier to manage it didn’t allow us the opportunity to reach our greatest potential as an artist. Once we discovered there were more colors accessible to us we were not completely satisfied with using just eight. Even though we may have to apply ourselves a little more when creating, we can be successful in producing a beautiful masterpiece.

How does this relate to God? What do God and crayons have in common?

When we first learn the truths about God we start off with the basics, the eight crayons. We are given specific instructions on how we should live the Christian life (the bold-lined handout). Little is expected of us in the form of service to God. As we grow in our faith we are introduced to more and more facts about God (more and more colors) and we break away from the instruction of others and learn to serve Him more and live for Him on our own.

There are so many different shades of color in our world. Go to a paint store and ask for white paint. White doesn’t even come in just one shade. Even though our world is full of colors we have not even begun to see all the colors of God. Imagine all the colors of God that we will see when we get to heaven. It’s okay to start out learning the basics about God but we must grow in our relationship with Him. Our life is a beautiful masterpiece that we can create for Him. We get comfortable with just doing the basics in our faith but it’s not as rewarding and it doesn’t move us to our greatest potential. Teach children that there is much to learn about God but we can do it one color at a time.

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